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Attorney Alice Rodriquez represents clients in central Texas, including Tarrant and Dallas Counties and throughout the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Ms. Rodriguez focuses her practice in the following areas:

Family Law
 Traffic Citations
  Immigration Law
Juvenile Law
CPS cases
 Civil Litigation
 Criminal Defense

This site is designed to provide information about Ms. Rodriguez, her law firm and the legal services she provides. As a bi-lingual lawyer, she is able to serve both English and Spanish speaking clients.

Ms. Rodriguez provides an office atmosphere that is warm, casual and friendly. Clients are encouraged to visit or call whenever they have a question. The office is staffed with a Spanish speaking legal assistant who is also familiar with each client and the unique aspects of their cases. Providing a Spanish and English speaking staff means Ms. Rodriguez can provide prompt and cost efficient answers and legal advice to a wide range of clientele.

The cornerstone of Ms. Rodriguez success is the quality relationships she maintains with
her clients. Together, her commitment to client service and the outstanding legal service she provides has earned her a reputation for excellence of which she is proud. By choosing Ms. Rodriguez as their attorney, clients ensure themselves of a caring, motivated lawyer who will work hard on their behalf and who has the confidence, concern and skills to deliver the legal representation of the highest quality.

Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
No esta certificada por la mesa directiva de especializaciones legales del Estado de Texas 


Se Habla Espanol




Personal Representation

With accurate representation from a qualified personal attorney, you can face any legal issue head-on, without undue stress. I am focused and driven to minimize or eliminate any potential legal situations that you may encounter.

Whether you're on the side of the prosecution or the side of the defense, you can rest assured that I am on your side. I have access to the information, experience, and resources to ensure that you have the best opportunity to succeed.

Business Representation

If you're a business owner, it's important to employ the services of a qualified business attorney, today! One legal issue without good legal representation could significantly affect the success of your business.

Whether you're starting a business or your current business is facing a potential lawsuit, you can count on me. I'll represent you effectively and advise you on what's best for your company.

I'm dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. With us on your side, you're sure to come out on top.


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I provide a wide range of legal services.

Comprehensive legal support in many areas of law.


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